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Stories The first EP of the band released in January 2018 - as a small sample of its musical proposal, is a conceptual work in which four stories are told. These stories are located in different countries and times: Egypt, Israel, Spain and Greece. These stories tell the concerns and experiences of characters in past lives though melodies and words in Spanish and Ladino (Jewish Spanish). Recorded as a live session and in a limited time to preserve spontaneity, this ep is a starting point for a promising future. Undoubtedly they have managed to combine the most unexpected elements to make something new. You only can understand it when you listen to it.

EP _ Stories 2018

  • 1. La Fuente de mi alma.
  • 2. Rav todot.
  • 3. La buleria y el gato.
  • 4. Tuca
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Tour Dates

2.Sep.2017Food FestivalAmsterdam, The Netherlands
20.Jan.2018Cafe DizzyRotterdam, The Netherlands
25.Jan.2018BirdRotterdam, The Netherlands
10.Feb.2018Sotieteit MatrixRotterdam, The Netherlands
14.Feb.2018Cafe LabruRotterdam, The Netherlands
12.Oct.2018De DoelenRotterdam, The Netherlands
20.Jun.2018Holy SmokeRotterdam, The Netherlands
17.Ago.2018Paviljoen aan het WaterRotterdam, The Netherlands
9.Nov.2018sijthoff-leidenleiden, The Netherlands
19.Jun.2018Theater aan de SchieSchiedam, The Netherlands
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Live @ Bird (Rotterdam)

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