For those who love metal music in Spain, maybe the name of Isa Bermejo is familiar. Isabel began her musical career in the progressive metal world, and as a result she has produced two albums in Spain and Holland. At the same time, she finished the Bachelor of Jazz and Pedagogy graduating in Spain and the Netherlands. She has collaborated with several artists in the Jazz and Latin music scene in Spain and Holland and has participated in several jazz festivals. She likes to use her voice in a very flexible way, playing melodies more typical of a wind instrument, but she also loves to include poetry lyrics in her songs. Her compositions have a clear Jazz influence but also oriented to World Music: On one hand, traditional Israeli music, music of her grandparents and, on the other hand, Flamenco, music from her country. The strength of Flamenco and its broken voices have always fascinated her, in fact, she is doing an artistic research on Jazz and Flamenco in Codarts Conservatory, Rotterdam.

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Johannes Fend is an aspiring young Bass player, born in Austria. He started music with Cello around the age of 6. After he got into playing bass lines on the cello, he found his way to the electric bass. And from there it was a short road to finally discovering the Double Bass, which became his passion. Soon he played in various groups as well as in a renown youth orchestra. During his year in civil service, he studied in the preparatory course for classical double bass of the Vorarlberger Landeskonservatorium.

Johannes then decided to moved to the Netherlands, where he studied jazz and classical bass at the Prins Claus Conservatory. There he had the chance to form relations with great musicians from all over the world and also attend the weekly masterclasses by musicians out of the New York Jazz-Scene. He recently won the 2nd price at the Il sole In Cantina Music award 2016 with his solo project, 1st price at Leiden Jazz Award 2017 with "Marco Apicella Trio" and the price for the best solist at the Erasmus Jazz Price 2017.

Currently he is living in Rotterdam, where he is part of various projects and pursues a master's degree at Codarts, conducting an applied research on Solo-Bass performance.

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Javi Herrero is a Spanish drummer based in Rotterdam, where he studies nowadays. Trained as a classical percussion player at the conservatory, he has always loved and played drums. During his classical studies he took drum lessons with several teachers before focussing on Jazz at "Escuela de Musica Creativa". This is mainly what brought him to study Jazz to The Netherlands at Codarts where he studies with Hans van Oosterhout, Joost patocka and Mark Schilders. His experience is quite varied going from classical orchestras to rock, pop and jazz. Aside his instrumental studies he holds a bachelor in Music in Education at "Universidad Autonoma de Madrid".

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Michalis Michailidis (1991) first started playing music when he picked up the guitar at the age of 13. After a few years he became interested in Jazz music which led him to study at the Contemporary Music School of Thessaloniki. After graduating he moved in 2011 to the Netherlands where he finished his Bachelor of Jazz Guitar at the Maastricht Conservatory(2015). Alongside his Bachelor he performed with various projects from duos to big bands, in several countries such as Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Romania etc.

Michalis is currently completing his Master Degree at Codarts, Rotterdam where he explores Middle Eastern, Eastern Mediterranean and Indian music styles and instruments such as the Yayli Tanbur and the Kemence. He is also a cofounder of the soundscape music project "HERMANO".

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Daniel Vadillo is a composer and piano player from Mexico City . He started his musical education in during his childhood with his grandfather who was a well known pianist and teacher of the Mexico's National Conservatory. When his grandfather past away, Daniel studied piano with several piano teachers and it was in 2009 when he entered the Center for Research and Music Studies (CIEM) to study Composition and Musical Theory, where he obtained the following degrees: Degree in Composition and Theoretical Music, Amus LCM and LMusLCM endorsed by University of West London. He completed the Diploma in Composition for Film and Performing Arts, as well as Composition Workshops for Strings Quartet, taught by the Integral Composition Nucleus (NICO). In 2015 he moved to Rotterdam to study the Master in world music at Codarts (Rotterdam Conservatorium). Daniel is a multifaceted musician, his music is a mixture between the colors of Jazz, strongly influenced by Film Music and his heritage of Latin Rhythms.

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